Monday, June 19, 2017

monday musings

this summer has been a weird one...the weather has been completely out of whack and it seems like everything breaks or goes bad at the same time...hills and valleys i guess...i am waiting to hear from the promoters of the craft fair to see if i got a slot...i'm optimistic but the 22nd is the cutoff date for applications, so it's looking like i have to wait until after then...

i have so many projects i want to start and only two hands and not enough time :) again, hills and valleys...i will say that i am getting increasingly annoyed by retail stores like ac moore, michaels and the lot...i went to ac moore here in my neck of the woods and they have shaved their yarn section way down...and they filled much of the space with what is apparently 'their' by nicole....never heard of it until i went to get a skein of red heart and they had barely anything...sooooo....i have to go seems more and more outlets are like ann's here is similar and i don't even know if the michaels here carries has slashed it's stash too...i only go to those stores for yarn...sooo...i'm happy enough to have it arrive directly from the supplier to my door...they all offer free shipping on certain sized orders...

so...i'll plan my projects accordingly :)

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