Friday, June 10, 2016

rebooting the brand

i admit that i am horrible at promoting my work...i would rather be creating it....i am committing to updating twice a week to start and i really will try to make it interesting :) i have not done any craft fairs in quite some time as there aren't many around in my area....i have some ideas rolling around in my head on how to create a physical space for crafters to sell their products locally and will update as i find more info...and flesh things out....

as for my etsy shop, etsy and blogger have both gone through some changes since i used them will be a learning curve to be able to fully utilize all of the features...will keep posted about that too :) i have a few new products in the shop...i am attempting to use up some of the stash to make room for new and i finally! used up the country colors i inherited years ago....i used some of the christmas variegated up too but alas, i still have more :)

here's the updated etsy shop!

etsy shop

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