Friday, April 9, 2010


this is the second type of crochet i learned as a kid- the first being a granny square. it is a hybrid of crochet and knitting and you need a two hook hook- so to speak :) i have a set of needles that were made for me out of wooden dowels- and if you are handy- i would recommend this over the steel needles that are sold. while i like the the fact that the hooks are joined with the plastic thread in the middle- for smaller projects, what i have found is that the hook heads are too rounded. for this stitch, you really need a super pointed hook in order to pick up the stitches.

anyhoo, i think i have finally decided on a project for the leftover holiday yarn. now, i have had this yarn since the early 1990's and back then, i snatched up any yarn that was on sale- and for some reason variegateds were popular. i finally used up baby yarn i had around from that era too- let's just say acrylic yarns last forever :) it's tough to tell from the yarn i am using, but this stitch is really good for reversible patterns. i made my friend a twin size afghan years ago- cream on one side and rose on the other. easy to pick two colors and run with them. this stitch is fairly easy to switch colors in order to make a multi color on one side and solid on the other or whatever.

if anyone is interested, i can post a how to- let me know.

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