Sunday, January 17, 2010

another one done

i finished the hearts throw- and will post pics as soon as i take some. i am waiting for the throw to dry so i can give it a once over. i used fabri-tac to glue the hearts onto the squares and frankly, i wanted to see if any fell off :) i really have no idea what's in the fabri-tac so, i googled it. it lead me to something that i think is pretty beneficial for all--- the usda household products database. yep. i imagine you could probably enter anything in there and find out what's in it and how to dispose of it- and what it could do to you.

or, maybe you're better off not knowing :) anyhoo, pics later and posting on etsy. have 2 projects lined up to begin soon- yellows and browns and golds and whatnot. should be cool....

and, apparently, fabri-tac is mostly acetone- at least 75%

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