Saturday, December 26, 2009

so, the holidays are almost over...

i really had wanted to finish a couple of projects by yuletime- but that didn't happen. i didn't feel like it and what's the sense in having a hobby if it becomes a chore? that's probably why i have only sold one thing on etsy :) anyhoo, i have begun to weave the ribbon on the victorian and i have all of the squares done on the heart throw- i just have to start putting things together. but, the inlaws come next week :)

the strips went together quite easily- and weaving the ribbon is fairly simple. i am using fabric glue to secure the ribbon and if it works well- i may try it on another project where i am supposed to sew yarn to yarn. we'll see. i'll keep ya posted.

my suggestion if you ever weave yarn- leave it on the spool until you are done weaving. it has made my life easier as i can adjust the end lengths and i don't have much waste.

and here are a few pics that show why i launder each and every piece before i send it.....

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  1. I have to admit I haven't sold anything on Etsy for a few months now. I gave up trying for sales when Christmas started as I think it gets too competitive and I would rather not have the extra hassle as I make and sell my jewellery as a hobby too. Your cat is just so adorable in your photos. I have a cat that looks just like yours. Mines a black and white semi long haired called Jasper and he has these long tufts of hair growing out of his ears and big tufts of fur between his toes! Will be great to see your finished pieces when they are complete. Best wishes for 2010 :)