Sunday, November 1, 2009

scrapped the sampler

i wasn't feeling the front and back post stitches. not my favorite to work although i do like the way that they look- just too many blocks where i didn't enjoy working. i find that unless i am enthusiastic about the project- it simply sits there forever until i rip it out and start again. my husband laughs about the piles of what he calls 'spaghetti yarn' after i make a mistake or start a project over. i often have the spaghetti yarn piles :)

so, i am ripping the sampler out- only had about half dozen squares- and i decided to make a striped reversible throw. the second style of crochet i ever learned was way back in the early 1980's- crochenit. now, it's a fad that is catching on but back in the day- it was unique and i made my friend kim a cream and rose afghan for her bed. i doubt i would work a project larger than a twin bed in the crochenit only because the weight of the project makes my tendonitis flare up.

so, i will keep posting about where i am and- i hope to have some pics up this week about the 3 projects i have started right now. the maine-endwell craft fair is november 8th at the high school- 10a-4p. that's where i'll be if you are in this neck of the woods- come on over :)

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