Friday, October 16, 2009

only the good friday

mmm... light dusting of snow here last night- i have a feeling it's going to be a cold winter. i am on the mend so, i will have to jump back into the groove with both feet. but not today :) i am thankful that this week is over- but the good thing is- i got to bond with friends over at facebook. i am not a big fan of the government having access to personal info and using facebook as a trolling place- but at this late stage of the game, if they don't have my info or every other americans'- you would have to be a hermit.

so, that's where i have been- feel free to click on the badge on the sidebar and come on over. i intend to get back to crocheting next week- i still have a brand new van morrison cd i haven't listened to and i have to prepare for my craft fair at the end of the month. i have to thank my husband (not for making me sick in the first place :) for making me tea and sandwiches and soup this week and for understanding the fact that he had to buy his lunch all week. :)

don't forget to stop by shelly's to get more info on only the good fridays. namaste.

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