Monday, September 28, 2009

rainy days and mondays

i have been particularly bad about being online these days. we have had damp, chilly weather here in the greater binghamton area and today is no exception. supposed to get showers and hail and whatnot. tends to settle in my chest and make me not feel like doing much at all although i did a couple of half hearted rows on the retro ripple. mainly watched football yesterday with a fire in the fireplace and mr. betmo. he wasn't in the fireplace ;)

hope to get jump started again on some projects. not selling anything at etsy. perhaps i should spend another $8 and highlight and item. i am thinking at this point i will let some of the projects deactivate and see what i sell in real life at the craft fair. i will reactivate then. anyhoo, i have much to do and not much ambition to do it. i have a feeling this week will be a struggle.

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