Wednesday, September 16, 2009

of autumn days and old friends

ooh- there is a chill in the air and the leaves are starting to change here in upstate new york. the farmer's almanac says first frost will be on or around october 13th- we'll see. hubby and i have lived in our home almost a year and a half- and for two summers- i have been visited by a friend on our back deck- mr. six legged spider. spiders don't have long life spans so i thought i'd better grab a picture as this will probably be our last summer together. he hangs out on the screen and on the table on the deck.

i am currently working on a project i affectionately call the 'retro ripple.' i had never tried a ripple pattern but i can see why they are popular- they work up fast and look nice- and are warm... it is big enough to cover my lap at this point. it was the increasing and decreasing that initially threw me off- in this case- 3 extra stitches at the top of the wave and taking away 3 at the bottom. but, after ripping out 5 rows and having a pile of what mr. betmo calls 'spaghetti yarn,' i got the hang of it :) will keep you posted....


  1. I like your retro ripple. I have always wanted to learn to crochet, but have never done so. Now that I have a case of carpal tunnel from work I doubt it is in the cards for me for now.

  2. i have to watch myself- i have tendonitis in my right arm and have for years. i find that i am really enjoying the ripple :) i see more in my future :)

  3. That looks great. :) I am trying to reteach myself how to make a granny square blanket right now- I was able to do it as a child so I should be able to do it again now! (I hope)