Wednesday, September 9, 2009

joining and popcorn stitches

there are many different ways to join squares or strips or whatever shape- together. i will be right up front and say- i don't care for whipstitch. yes, it makes a flat seam, but it just isn't as sturdy as other methods. i can't gauge the right amount of yarn and it's too much like sewing. ok for small squares- not so much strips. generally, i attach squares into a strip and then attach the strips. in this latest project- i just made strips. in this particular instance, i joined the strips using the slip stitch. pretty basic stitch but it holds firmly- and this is a heavy, warm throw.

i learned a new technique with this project too- the popcorn stitch. it's really nice to add texture to a piece and i think i am going to name this project 'snowballs' because that's what the popcorn stitches remind me of :) it isn't a difficult technique but it is a bit time consuming.

basically, what you are doing is making 5 double crochets in one stitch and taking your hook out of the loop- putting it through the first double crochet and then in the loop and bring the loop through the first double crochet. voila`! a popcorn!

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