Friday, September 4, 2009

autumn is around the corner

morning fog here for the last week and it has started getting really chilly here in upstate new york. it's a shame really because the veggies in my garden just started to grow- as the constant rain has let up. i intend to spend my winter contingency planning for next year's garden-- and crocheting of course :)

i decided to do a local craft fair near my house- in november- to get my feet wet. i have no idea how to display my wares on an 8 by 8 table and 2 chairs- but i have a couple of months to think about it. :) i also want to set aside some time to really dig into promoting etsy. it has been kind of hit or miss over the summer and i haven't been able to tool around etsy to see other folks' work- or promote my shop.

anyhoo, labor day weekend here in america- which means the last backyard bbq's of the summer and the kiddies head back to school next week. which means nothing to me as the shrieking eels across the street aren't school aged. sigh.

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