Saturday, August 8, 2009

where has the summer gone?

anyone else feel like the summer has flown by? i realize we still have nice weather ahead but realistically, the holidays are around the corner- especially with outstanding projects in the works. i am currently working on 3- with a fourth to be started and (hopefully) finished for the holiday season.  i am also looking to have a weekly or daily feature here- haven't quite decided yet as i don't have my schedule down pat as of right now. my two helpers have been a wee lazy this summer- isaac and sophie have enjoyed the cooler than average temperatures this season.

they are the reason that i wash every project upon completion and store them in breathable under the bed bags.

on my newest project, i am trying out red heart yarn's 'eco ways' yarn. it's made with recycled plastics and they have come out with a fabulous line of new, trendy colors. so far, i am impressed. the yarn is very soft and easy to work with and the few rows i have completed- look fantastic

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