Monday, August 17, 2009

juggling projects

i am currently working on 3 projects in various stages of completion. 2 i am very close to finishing- a baby blanket in log cabin style with pastels and a blue and white throw perfect for holiday/winter decor. i have a stroller blanket about half done and i hope to wind things up by the end of the month.

but it's too darn hot! i enjoy listening to jazz while crocheting and i have a favorite local station here in the binghamton, ny area- 92.5 FM. anyhoo, the holiday blanket is a combination of single, double and popcorn stitch crochet. the log cabin style block blanket is single crochet only with multiple color changes- which can be a wee tricky sometimes. i like to mix up the construction of the projects too- so, we have a block design with individual blocks being sewn together to make the blanket; the strip design where individual strips are made in the round and then sewn together; and the stroller blanket is continuous- i just pick up the hook and go!

hopefully, i will be able to put some more projects in the queue for the holiday season :)

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