Monday, November 6, 2017

happy autumn!

wow! november is here with a vengeance...after an september and october that was a long summer, fall is definitely here...rainy and windy and's excellent hot chocolate weather...i've been working on quite a few projects actually...i took a short break to wash and fold fabric that had been donated to my quilt group and i also redesigned a couple of projects and ideas...i'm rattling around a couple of ideas for new projects and i'm attempting to learn the basics (real basic) tenets of photography :) that will take some practice...

short term, i'm going to finalize some cmas presents to send to relatives and then shift gears to cookies...lots and lots of holiday cookies :) i generally keep holidays to a minimum for my own sanity but this year i decided to come out of cookie exile and send some as gifts...the inlaws will be thrilled :)

so...what are your projects and plans?

Friday, October 27, 2017

featured 'for sale'

this throw is finally finished :) i featured it as a wip not that long ago and now it has made it into the fall lineup :) take a peek at the shop below...all it needs is a good home...

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

current wip

my current wip is a redo of the ripple i had to rip out :) it's easy for me to lose track of stitches when i get going so i am taking better care to pay attention so this one doesn't end up looking like a skirt...i generally have about a half dozen or so projects going at any one time because different days and moods call for different patterns...i love cooler weather because it really gets me in the mood to snuggle in with a good dvd, some tea and the cat...and crochet :)